The Blogcademy – the best dream I ever had!

Hi there

two weeks ago today I spent all day chanting ‘one more sleep, one more sleep’ inside my head like a demented six year old waiting for Christmas!


To me though, this was a way BIGGER deal than Christmas!  On Wednesday 23 January 2013, I travelled from my home in snow covered Bedfordshire with the lovely Kate from Your Vintage Life,  to the Curtain Road Studios in  Shoreditch, London to attend The Blogcademy hosted by the amazing and successful Gala Darling,  Kat Williams and Shauna Haider.  If you are reading this and don’t know who these lovely ladies are, then follow the links to find out more.  These three beautiful, edgy, gorgeous babes will teach you all you need to know about successful blogging and then some!


Stepping into the studio on the first morning was like entering a whitewashed sparkly, glittery, fantasy world filled with people who were on my wavelength, wore crazy headgear, loved cupcakes (thank you Restoration Cake!), blogging and were all absolutely passionate about what they do.  I was in blogging heaven, all of the attendees really knew their stuff and  I was completely surrounded by highly talented individuals including the amazing make up artist Elbie Van Eeden, whose stunning work with Kirsty Mitchell I am completely and utterly in awe of.

We learnt everything from the Basics of Blogging, the importance of a strong About page, finding inspiration for posts and building readership and  that was just on day one!

Day two was more about branding, social media and a mini photography masterclass led by the lovely photographer Emily Quinton.  You can see my efforts here.


I  left on Thursday evening completely inspired by everyone that I met and everything that I  had learned.  These girls (and Russell!) really rocked!

For the last two weeks  I have been implementing many of the things I have learnt and am still learning a whole lot more. This blog is slowly and surely beginning to take shape.  I am so very excited for the future and have so many ideas buzzing around in my head.  Getting my blog to where I want it to be will take hard work and dedication but thanks to the ladies of the Blogcademy, I have a shed load full of inspiration and I’m gonna use it!

If you would like to  click on the links below you can read what some of my lovely fellow ‘Blogcadettes’ also had to say about the Blogcademy.

Here are some of us practising our Bloggerfaces!


In summary, if I could have those 2 days again, I so would.  They were magical, glorious and I didn’t want them to end. They were just the best. FACT.

Thanks to the ‘secret’ Facebook page though I am fortunate enough to still be in contact with my fellow ‘Blogcadettes’ so the inspiration just keeps coming.

If the sparkly, glittery, whirlwind, rollercoaster of an event called the Blogcademy is coming to a city near you soon, jump aboard.  You will not regret it.  It is ace!  The best dream that turned out to be real that I ever had.

Stay sparkly!


9 thoughts on “The Blogcademy – the best dream I ever had!

  1. Oh Anita, this is so wonderful – and what lovely pictures! I would love to use your gorgeous ‘collage’-style board picture in my own post on my site [linking back to this fabulous write-up, of course!!] if that’s alright! It really was a dream, wasn’t it? xxx

    • Hi Caroline
      of course you can use the collage, my pleasure.
      So glad that you enjoyed the post. Since publishing I have thought of a few little things to add, so the wording and links may change ever so slightly.
      yes, It was a fantastic dream!
      Anita xx

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